Unblocked Game Are You Sure You Can Survive in This?

You have to work harder to survive! If you want to find a real survival game among free io games, we are sure that you will love! In order to win in the game, you can set targets on the map, start the fight by going to the targets and increase your power by building a team. It is very easy to see how many people are alive in real-time on the map! Check out the counter at the top right from time to time!

How Play

As the red zone shrinks in the game, you have to go towards the safe zone. On these journeys, you have to fight or hide. The game is getting more challenging with the red zone shrinking each time. In this way, it is inevitable to have to fight with your strong opponents. Look over the map in the lower left to see how much time you have left for the red zone to narrow. You will see a stopwatch there!
There are two things you need to do:
• If you wish, you can hide for a while and try to survive in the game and use all your power last. A smart and sneaky move!
• If you wish, you can fight everyone in front of you and strive to be the real winner of the map. Here is a true knight!