Shell Shockers

Unblocked Game

New Way of Free Shooting Game: Shell Shock io!

Are you ready to meet a new generation first-person shooter game that you can easily play without downloading? Then you are definitely in the right place! The most important feature of this game, which you can try completely free of charge, is of course the fun egg figures. When you enter this game, you will be a cool egg and you will have a pleasant shooting experience with seven different weapons that the game offers you. Extremely fun, colorful, and exciting!

How Play

1. Customize your eggs and make them unique to you! We are sure that this game will be much more enjoyable.
2. There are seven different weapons you can use in the game: Crackshot, Cluck 9 MM, Free Ranger, Whipper, Scrambler, Soldier! You will love each one!
3. You always have to be careful! It can be really difficult to catch eggs that can jump and accelerate suddenly. Aim and destroy carefully for a correct strategy! Level up for more! At the beginning of the game, you will have to choose your weapon. The fast, agile, or hard weapon, whichever you want! You have to make sure you make the right choice!