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Unblocked Game

Build Your Village, Safe It From Enemies and Wolfs:! is one of the most popular options in its field as an enjoyable village building game. Start by determining what you need to build a village building. If you wish, you can start collecting resources from the game field first. Then wait for your Windmills to work and to generate resources. As these excellent tools work, they will generate gold for you. Thanks to these gold coins, you will be able to build the perfect village: You will really love to build a real village empire in a void!

Is It Only a ‘’Building Game’’? Of Course Not!

Of course, the game does not only have a building theme. While setting up a village, you also have to protect it from your opponents. This makes the game much more fun and exciting. While setting up your village in the game, you will start to level up quickly as you get more sophisticated structures. A completely online game, offers an area where you can follow your virtual opponents. Follow what is happening in the game in real-time thanks to the leader board on the top right!