Unblocked Game

Ready To Be King of the Island?: Yohoho.io Is Ready For You!

Yohoho game will allow you to have a very enjoyable survival process on a perfect island. You have a gun in your hand and many enemies in front of you. Which one will you start killing from? Actually, what you have to do is very easy. Start by killing your enemies ruthlessly by moving carefully within the map!

Why This Game Among Others?

What makes the game fun is not just killing enemies! The approach of the red area in the game adds excitement to the game:: You have two things to avoid! Before the red zone shrinks, you need to go to the safe zone immediately. Otherwise, even if nobody shot you, you will die. That's why you have to keep an eye on both the map icon and the island. In this pirate battle royale, it is especially important to make your moves fast and attack your opponents before they kill you while collecting gold. Remember that more gold means more power. Moreover, the game becomes more fun as you pass the levels one by one! Live more and reach the ‘’beach’’ level. More time, more excitement!